about me

Wandering in Isle of Skye.

Wandering in Isle of Skye.

*You wanna know why my cover page is a mix of my own inspirations from movies and writers mixed with my clients' brands? It's because every client, I've found, is the hero and center of the story of their own brand. They may not be the face of the brand, but they are living it. And while everything is derivative to a certain extent, there are times when I'm listening to my clients speak and I think - "well, that's what makes this a story worth telling. It's cinematic. It's a narrative." It may not be Iñárritu or Roth, but there's so much there.  


I've been in marketing and communications for nearly 20 years, but I've been listening to dialogue, memorizing lyrics and poems, movie lines and advertising my entire life. I love all of it - even the stuff I'm not a fan of, if you know what I mean. Storytelling is a central part of my daily happiness.

My grandparents were AMAZING chats and listening to them - and to everyone around me - is how I learned how to curate the great stories from those anecdotes that conveyed, "I'm basically just waiting for the waiter to bring the bread."

I've worked in nearly every aspect of marketing and advertising - from researching an industry to tracking a project's ROI. Most of my work focuses on developing a brand and messaging to targets with strong storytelling. I also build sleek (and successful) websites, create promotional campaigns, buy traditional media, deploy relevant content to social media, plan events, write press releases and blogs, help raise money and over-encourage my clients.

It's the writing and branding that I love most, because that's where all of the storytelling happens. I can find the audience for your product, service, cause or project, create the right message, send it through the right channels and see your business grow and succeed.

My approach is both collaborative and solitary. All of my clients go through a branding Q&A and process and I listen closely to the answers. I love my clients and there is plenty of back and forth as we work through a project. When it's time to originate or execute an idea though, I like to walk my dog, turn on music and muse.

Inspiration is everywhere and is often infused into my clients' projects. I look to film, books, TV, magazines, conversations with friends, scheduled downtime to be quiet at the Abbey of Gethsemani or out wandering alone.

Mostly I love words. I have a B.A. and M.A. in Literature and while I'm tired of advertisers frothing at the mouth about clever "juxtapositions" I do love incongruity. There's something about contrasts in advertising - and in memes and artistry and movies - that is fun(ny) and extremely effective.