what clients & collaborators say

I love my clients.
It's nice to be loved back.


Val Leeper is an extraordinary human being, gifted in the art of branding and social media. We all want to be seen and known for who we are, but it takes someone to see it first and then tell the world.

Val has great eyes and a big mouth, in a good way. Surrounding yourself with the best makes you the best.

- Timothy A. entrepreneur, artist


"Val is among the sharpest, most organized marketing minds I’ve ever had the pleasure of teaming up with. In short, she gets it and she is not the least bit afraid of rolling up her sleeves and working late for a cause she believes in."
- Jay A. Media promotions, National Public Radio


“Val Leeper came into my life at just the right moment. I needed a website, but as much as anything I needed a collaborator. Val provided not only the logistical expertise but the voice of experience to make it all come together. She knew the elements of a food blog website and counseled me on what to include.

Not long after my site was finished a potential publisher asked to see my work and I was able to direct them to the website that Val designed. I am positive that I was able to negotiate that book deal based on the content and design of my website. 

I feel like Val is my number one fan and her enthusiasm and confidence in my work has made it better. I'm grateful to have Val as a friend and co-conspirator.”
C. Cleary Author, blogger, entrepreneur


"Val knew that good marketing doesn't just come from guessing and "going with your gut"; she knew that actually learning more about her clients' target audiences and competitors would put her in a better position to recommend specific strategies and tactics and (shocker!) spend their money wisely."
Lynne K. Marketing Research Strategist

An outstanding strategist and planner, Val writes with power and focus and has unmatched client management skills."
Ashley H. Marketing & Communications Director

Among the marketing and communications people I know, and I know a lot of them, no one writes any better, or plans and strategizes any better than Val does."
Richard M. VP of Marketing & Communications

"Val is in"val"uable to me. She is a great writer, a great strategist, a do-er and a macro thinker. She gives just enough of a nudge and provides plenty of organization to get the job done. She has this ability to get your [brand] voice and bring her own skills and experience to the table. Her work excites her and she really brings her best self to the project."
Christine D. Business Owner

Val is such a joy in my life. When I see her (to talk strategy or planning) I feel I have taken a big gulp of possibility and openness and we jump into the stream of vibrant life together. Uplifted. I'm so very glad we are friends. She balances what is hard in the world right now. 
Ginger G. Graphic Artist, sculptor, writer and activist

"Professional, extremely creative, incredibly productive and fun are just a few words that come to mind when describing Val. We were feeling a bit frustrated after working with two other web developers. When we hired Val we immediately felt that we had another team member who was just as excited as we were to be working on our projects. Val has a magical ability to almost instantly look beyond your vision for your project or business, and raise it to the next level."
Jane K. & Mike C. Entrepreneurs

"Val's knowledge of marketing and communication strategies is unprecedented. I have witnessed first-hand her ability to corral the masses and hit the mark repeatedly with stellar products and results."
Lori A. Associate Dean

"Her energy is contagious!  Not only does she get excited about what you want to accomplish she helps you to focus directly on what’s important to achieve your goals."
Doug C. Graphic Designer