marketing isn't advertising.

Advertising is a slice of marketing.
I'm a marketer. But I LOVE advertising. I love Peggy Olson and Mad Men, but long before that series, I was already hooked on the intersection of psychology and commerce. Why do we buy what we buy? Which brands apprehend our imaginations? 

As a marketer, I research each client's industry in great depth, your business (yes, I want to know your business goals for the next quarter and the next 5 years), learn about your product or service, your goals and the market or markets you hope to enter and conquer and then help you develop brand messaging that will lead to the fulfillment of goals and interactions. All of my clients go through a branding Q&A and process and I listen closely to the answers. I love my clients and there is plenty of back and forth as we work through a project.

I'm your brand guru, message creator, tactical planner, web builder and will support you from idea to launch and long afterwards. It sounds like a lot, but I'm not doing it alone and you are not alone either. MORE...

If you would like a free one hour consultation, be in touch. I'd love to help you before you spend your first buck.

the basics - services

Brand Development, Strategy & Management

Like it or not, you are who people think you are. 
You, your company, your organization or cause is a brand.
Defining your brand well and sticking with it is one of the hardest and most satisfying things you can do. You can certainly evolve, and good brands do this, but the best brands have a foundation and legs.

Copywriting, Storytelling & Targeted Messaging

The right words matter. Words create an understanding between people. They define and connect us. We want to be heard and to find our community. Commercially, words help build brands, sell ideas and products, characterize our individuality and allow us to define our goals. The best brands have a story to tell and I help you tell it. It’s my favorite part of marketing. Websites, brochures, consumer packaging, e-newsletters and e-blasts, event promotions, blogs, direct mail campaigns, press kits, arts performer profiles, catalogs, radio spot… I’ve done it all.

Projects include: Bella Sole Studio | Big Life, Thin Hair | Kayce Young | About the Face | | Bella Sole Brand Development | sgblue Brand Development | Pixels on Paper | Bridal Traditions | NC Outward Bound

Website Development & Website Builds

The websites I build showcase my clients' brand, product, service, online store, event or cause NOT based on my biases, opinions or preferences, but based on the target customers my clients are trying to reach. Connecting with your target audience, the people you want to engage and getting them to join you is the number one goal. I am part of the Squarespace Circle, and work in Wix, Wordpress, Weebly among others. It's not brain surgery, but it does take attention to detail and a passion for seeing the whole of a brand while working through each element.

Audience Development | Social Media & Client Communications

Using social media to your advantage means developing content that your targets will respond to and is relevant. I work with clients to nail down themes, topics, a schedule to automate posting and regular updates via email. Your targets want to hear from you, but only if you have something actually to say. Developing content in your brand voice and for your targets is an area where I excel - whether it's for a specific distribution list or for your social media followers. And yes, I have more than a few hours working in Mailchimp, Constant Contact, with Canva, Google Adwords, Facebook and Instagram boosts, etc.